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Statistical Analysis Plans

If affects the remaining phases of the most important stage of the research process if planning research project. Aims / hypothesis is necessary to answer the researchers questions. If you are planning a research project, please contact us for an initial consultation.

Data Collection Training

Field teams or researchers training is useful for complete data collection of existing data collection. Knowing and understanding the importance of the collectedinformation, provides data reaching perfectly.

Please contact us if you need any expert advice for data collection.

Short courses and seminars

Training method contains SPSS practical application optionally visual or applied instructions. Training is planned for small groups or public organization.

Example Of Statistical Education Program

1st day

Database preporation

Descriptive statistics

Selecting the appropriate method of analysis

Comparison of the rate group ( group of two or more)

*Comparison of proportions in independent groups *dependant group comparison of the ratio

Conparison ov average in groups (2 or more than 2 groups)

comparison of average in independent groups -parametric tests -non parametric tests

Dependent comparison of average in groups

-parametric tests

-non parametric tests

2nd day

Correlation analysis

Parametric tets

Non parametric test

Regresion analysis

Linear regression analysis



Lojistic regression analysis



Survival analysis

Kaplan meier analysis

Cox regression analysis

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